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Sat in a revolving restaurant above Delhi with curry on the way. Today we… Went to the tourist office (the actual one) and didn’t realy get any helpful advice. Then got a tuktuk to the Red Fort which was impressive but lacked a little character. Finishing at the fort we decided to try and trek the busy streets of Old Delhi which was great fun. Got to again see a lot of cool things and a lot of humberling ones as well. Suprisingly were not bothered by touts and seemed to blend into the streets more. Walked the cotton and spice Market on our way to the temple which looked inviting but were swarming with flies. The temple was amazing, biggest in India holding 25,000 people. Had to cover up to go in and take our shoes off. Lots of deformed people sat on the steps leading to the temple. Watched people bathe feed pigeons and chill out in the shade. Great view of the red fort from there. Curry arrived!

So this is how it feels to be famous huh?! Got tables both sides of us snapping away not-so-sneekily with their camera phones trying to get a snapshot of the gorgeous white couple! Jeremy giving them a photo to remember by showing off his table manners and stuffing his face with naan makkaha.

Not sure how long this vegetarian malarky can last, at least untill that 8hr train journey on Tuesday! Don’t think Delhi belly will be appreciated in a cabin with 2other people.

Varanasi here we come! But first some more Delhi and a 2 day stop off in Agra.

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  1. Jeff (Reply) on Friday-28, 2009

    “Lots of deformed people sat on the step!” haha, youre meant to give them money dude, im sure you got bags and bags of Rupees worth about 12p, you can spare some for all of the poor in delhi since youre the “famous white couple”!

    bring me back some rupees please kids!

  2. Shaz (Reply) on Saturday-29, 2009

    Dad just cooked a curry and it was crap. I think yours tastes better than M and S! You sound like you are having a ball. Had cool time in Coolham today with Bridge. Who is Jeff? Mark wants to know. xx

  3. mindy (Reply) on Wednesday-2, 2009

    agra is the capital of scam – hope you guys are ok – trust no one

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