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Got train from Delhi station at 5:15am woop woop! Couldn’t sleep before 2am then got up at 4 to catch the train, bad times. Train was good, cold A/C free water, breakfast and tea. Passed through some really crazy areas (if you had a tent you were one of the lucky ones). Got tucktuck to hotel and opted for the cheaper 600rps room with no A/C, although it did come complete with it’s very own B52 Bomber sounding “air cooler”. Went to get cash out of the bank and left my card in the mashine! Putting that down too lack of sleep and being hassled at the same time. Anyway luckerly the security man pointed out my error and saved the day, gave him a tip of 5rps and ran for the hotel. Went for a walk in the park and caught are first sight of the taj mahal. PRETTY IMPRESSIVE. A tear drop on eternity some one said. Didn’t do my zip pocket up on my trousers and my wallet fell out! Again luckerly Victoria was walking behind me and noticed (just not my day). Booking a different hotel room for tomorrow night looks nice, cheaper (400 – £6) and cleaner but further away from Taj. Had two good meals one in the hotel and one at a restaurant out of town, both good, both cheap. Finally gave in to a rickshaw man that had been following us all day and alwowed him to take us to the beer shop and back for 5rps…. Mistake. Beers were over priced by 20rps each as we asume he was getting comission. Lost 45rps and was annoyed that we’d let it happen but then it’s only 80p so we got over it and drank beer. Talked to two guys that arrived in India today…… SCAM ALERT. There is a nice man called vicki that is helping them out. He helped them book all their train tickets for their stay in India gave them chocolate and is going to show them were to buy tickets for the Taj tommorrow. Nice man SCAM SCAM.

Now we have taken the piss please don’t let this happen to us. To be far leaving your cash card in the machine is as stupid as it gets so their probably leages ahead. Any way Taj at 5am.

First day in Agra
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