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Lots of beeping and apparently it wasn’t even busy yet as it was before 8. Ignored traffic signals and road markings, every man for him self! Families on scooters lots of tuktuks with death wishes rammed buses. (not looking forward to that). Arrived at Corus hotel ‘hospitality redefined’….. Unfortunately. Not too bad though just slightly scared to go out side lots of construction, dirt and poverty. Getting some rest quickly before taking on the streets. Far more excited than scared.

Bring it on.

First Room in India
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  1. mindy (Reply) on Thursday-27, 2009

    Please to hear you two arrived safe and sound ;-) Thinking of you in crazy Delhi, yes crazy tuktuk and cows on the road. If you come across Hotel Namaskaar ( send our regards. While I was wandering down memory lane I popped on youtube and low and behold there are now movies of this seriously wrong hotel and yes it is still cheap, 10 year on and it is still 300 rupees!!! Man oh man India cracks me up…enjoy hospitality refined, big love

  2. Shaz Gray (Reply) on Thursday-27, 2009

    Sounds like you might need a few more tubes of anusol Jeremy! At Larraine and Steves now with Mark and Clare who all send their love.

  3. Matthew Pack (Reply) on Thursday-27, 2009

    Sounds very familiar. Trust no one. Eat veggies. I hope u have good travel insurance. Always pay visa (u r protected automatically).


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