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Went walking round Connaught Place, wasn’t as bad as first thought it would be. Streets were packed with every other person trying to talk to us and lots of stares. Not as scary as the diserted street this morning though and was quite enjoyable. Lots of different smells and sights from good and bad. Slum dog millionaire children out begging. Talked to a lot of locals who tried to wisk us off to fake tourist offices, thank god for the lonely planet. Second man we talked to asked us if we were married, wanted weed or a ride in his tuktuk…. Yes no no. Humoured two Indians pretending to be from Housten Texas studying over here with girlfriends in Ireland showed us a very dodgy passport photo of a White girl, god knows how he got it, turned down coffee with them. Saw them wondering around searching for more victims! Everyone is friendly but scam scam scam. Found somewhere to eat and had a vegitarien dinner with beer. Electrics went off a few times with no one batting an eye lid, obviously the norm. Dinner came to 893rs = £11ish not that cheap delaying Delhi belly as long as possible. Nice to come back to a cool room watch friends on a plasma tv. Red fort tomorrow. (hopefully)

Woke up and planned more stuff in the middle of the night and took this photo.

  1. Father Ted (Reply) on Friday-28, 2009

    Figured out how to register and leave a message all on my own!
    Sounds a mad place but soooo glad you did all the research first!

  2. Matthew Pack (Reply) on Friday-28, 2009

    Sounds like you are off to a roaring start. We found it hard enough getting from Delhi Airport to the Hotel (they said it was a hotel). Don’t forget to book your train ticket well in advance. They are super busy. Wind is blowing back here. Off to the beach in just a little while.

  3. Han (Reply) on Friday-28, 2009

    That sounds really cool! No upgrades yet then on your honeymoon?
    Things here are dull without you two but really glad to hear you’re having a good time!

    And I am very sorry but i also come bearing bad news. I am afraid that old gussy is no longer with us.
    The Vet came yesterday and it was all very quick and painless for him. Thought you would want to know.
    Young gus is a bit lonely but otherwise i think that it was for the best.

    Loads of love to you both. xx

  4. mindy (Reply) on Friday-28, 2009

    beep, beep, beep, beep… hope your mission to the red fort was a success! New word from Emily yesterday was hand and if you ask her where is your bib? she now goes and gets one from the basket. We ate curry last night in your honour… lovin the updates, i look every morning. Big love, sunny BBQ bank holiday weekend heading our way.

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