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Said good bye to Han and Shaz at the airport now waiting for our flight to board with a cold g&t.

Cold G&T

Cold G&T

Victoria is feeling that a year is a long time. Jeremy is feeling daunted scared and excited. Going to have to grow up and look after Victoria in a flights time. Also scared about Indian food and what it’s going to do to my already tender chocolate star fish. Good job we bought that extra anusol!

So long England. Will miss the mother land. X

26 Aug 2009
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  1. Jeff (Reply) on Wednesday-26, 2009

    I hate you both that you have left, i hate you both that you left without seeing me first
    i hate you both that you left for a year, i hate you both. jeremy youre not growing up and looking after victoria, its been the other way around for a long time now. ps i am like the only person looking at this blog apart from shaz and mark green??

  2. Han (Reply) on Wednesday-26, 2009

    We got so lost on the way from Heathrow to Gatwick…. Doh! I hope the flight went ok. And I agree with Erks that Victoria is and will always be the only grown up in your relationship!! love you guys. missing you already! xxxxxx

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