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Nurse: Does it hurt?
Victoria: Nods head
Nurse: Are you alright?
Victoria: Shakes head
Nurse: Are you going to cry?
Victoria: Nods head and cries.
Jeremy: Takes a photo
Victoria: FUCK OFF !!!
Nurse: ooop

So Thats……
1 Yellow fever
1 Typhoid [singlepic id=9 w=320 h=240 float=right]
3 Rabies
2 Jap B
3 Hep A & B
1 Course of Cholera
In total 11 jabs in the arm, one oral course and a bill for £618…………. I am now invincible !!!

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  1. Jeff (Reply) on Sunday-16, 2009

    nice website guys, im hoping you enjoy travelling, i will miss you guys lots, love you

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