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Had a lot of breakfast and headed for the happy valley tea plantation. Got lost obviously but found it eventually. The views were amazing. The mountain just falls away steeper than most black ski runs and the mountains kind of curve around so you can see right along them. We had a tour of the factory that produces the finest tea in the world, “super fine tippy golden flowery orange piko one” for Harrods nun the less. The machines they use for rollin the leaves are the original ones from 1856. Women were sitting on the floor hand picking through crops of tea to get the finest brews it was pretty crazy. Went up to a small shack and sampled the SFTGFOPO from yet another crazy lady who enlightened us about the in depth science of tea. She brewed the tea for all or 5 seconds before serving it up with no milk or sugar. It didn’t fail to disappoint. Victoria is definitely not a tea drinker though. After sampling the best tea in the world she insists that she doesn’t like hot beverages! Luckily there are plenty of cold coffees and lassi’s (frozen yoghurt drink) to choose from here.

Happy Valley Tea Estate
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  1. Jeff (Reply) on Sunday-27, 2009

    youre meant to drink fresh green tea without sugar or MILK!! milk was put by the british to ruin the flavor

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