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“Gallywally, penis coffee, new pappa, slice, die die?”……… “Gallywally, penis coffee…” oh yes we’ll take some cake please. 25 rupees. Thanks. “Gallywally, penis coffee…”

Sooooo have been on this train a while and not alot has really happened. Both been reading, the only difference being that victoria has to occasionally flip her book upside down to read a couple of pages of inverted print. But we didn’t have high hopes for 100rupees and an incorrectly spelt authors name (john grasham!) advertised across the front cover. Appart from that cards and snoozing not alot happened. Oh no wait. We tried to have cereal but on opening the milk it was instantly clear that cheese and cornflakes were not going to mix well. Had to go pour it all down the toilet (a hole in the floor leading to the train tracks below). So having turned down the option of breakfast we devoured dry cornflakes ginger biscuits and salted snackles. More cards and reading followed and preceded lunch along with the thought that it would be physically impossible to travel on a train in the UK for this long. Arrived in Chennai and sat and ate bananas until our train arrived. Onboard we couldn’t get rid of a curious Indian man who was determined to find out our life stories and play cards with us. Didn’t trust that dude and definately turned down his offer of water. This time Victoria slept and jeremy attempted to get change back from dinner, where is the man with my change? Yes yes. I paid for some dinner and now i want my change. Yes yes. Ok never mind. Yes yes. (got my change back eventually) Tried to sleep. Fail.

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