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Headed to the Internet cafe with wifi. Yes! Rinsed that for 2hours which was loads of fun. Met up with Nikolai again at midday and went to a street seller for lunch. These guy’s do good food, dirt cheap and seem to do a roaring trade with travelers. We took the cramped metro north to Chinatown, Victoria especially enjoyed this, being groped by a dirty Indian man badly hiding an erection. Laughing at his unsubtle attempts at a grope Victoria moved away. However the Indian man didn’t pick up on this and followed. Thankfully before confrontation was necessary he got off. Wandered around until we came across the area where people have burrowed into the garbage heaps to make their homes. Although this sounds bad it was not something out of the ordinary, we were expecting a lot worse and mostly there is stuff like this all over India. However it was pretty bad. Families in 2meter by 1meter rubbish homes. Some kids wanted to have their photos taken so we messed around with them for a bit before heading back to the metro. Saw the funniest thing, India woman attempting to get onto an escalator, sari’s and technology just don’t mix we pissed out selves it was like watching Borat get on/off the escalator. Went down to the Victoria Memorial building for sunset and saw a very stoned looking statue of Queen Victoria. Again we experienced the celebrity status photo routine and had a laugh. Walked all the way back via a restaurant for dinner. Victoria’s stomach still not quite right so called it a night early.

26 Sep 2009
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