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Raided the supermarket for Coco pops! They do small packets of Chocos for 10rps. We poured the milk straight into them and got stuck in with our sporks! Was good but not quite the heavenly Coco Pop taste I was after. The search continues Mindy. Will keep you updated on Coco Pop action.

  1. Matthew Pack (Reply) on Monday-28, 2009

    man have you two lost weight already!
    eat more coco pops

    news here is mini is pregnant – Matt 2 due 11 April 2010 – whoooooooo

  2. V & J (Reply) on Thursday-1, 2009

    oh my god the world just isn’t ready for that kind of action! Congrats dude can’t say I was too surprised though. Can’t believe I’m going to miss all the action take lots of photos for me and keep me up dated! Speak soon, perhaps when we get to Singapore.

  3. Shaz Gray (Reply) on Tuesday-6, 2009

    Congrats to you Matt and Amanda, sorry had to put it on a post as don’t have your email etc. x Love Sharon and Barry.

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