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Just when you think they couldn’t fit anymore people on a bus…. They stop to pick up a small village. Several times. Whilst jeremy sat on my lap I pondered if it was possible to sweat anymore than I was already. It is, and I did. We then walked across the border and got another luxurious bus to Bhairawa. We could tell we were in a different country when the army of rickshaw men didn’t follow us down the street. Do you want rickshaw? No….. Nothing! Amazing. Here we met a German couple who were enjoying the local transport as much as us, so we decided to share a taxi to Lumbini. I never thought I would be driving along in a suped up vw-esque Nepali teens car across the Nepal countryside listening to snoop dogg with a can of carlsberg and two random Germans. Room was nice and clean but everywhere was shut for dinner so after sharing out the last of our biscuits and drinking some energy drink we went to bed. (Thanks for the energy drink McNies really came in handy.)

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