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Room too disgusting moved to nicer one (favorite so far) Holy Lodge.

Booked rafting trip down Sun Koshi no trekking as visa will expire too soon and not enough cash, will have to come back! First big spend $660 for 7days rafting and camping.

Went to Durbar Square where a crazy festival was taking place, something to to with celebrating the birth of a new goddess. Was pretty mental with tons of people everywhere and almost got run over by a wooden fortress thing! Walked away from the chaos back towards Thamel and nearly got run over again (victoria took cover in a jewelery shop despite the manager shouting to get out!)

Living God
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Had dinner on the floor of Chinese place then followed the sound of live music to a cool rooftop bar serving cold (expensive) beer with a very good band covering kings of leon bob Marley etc. Possibly got stoned by passively inhaling the copious weed around us (Jeremy had no chance!).

More shopping the next day for some very sexy teva sandals for Jeremy and met the rest of the guys going rafting with us. Everyone seems nice, Israeli dudes offered to go buy the booze and rafting manager said ok but not too much. They replied with ‘no no thats fine, it’s just for lightheadedness and throwing up in the forest’. So we had an immediate bond with them.

had nice sensible early evening as rafting started tomorrow at 8am. NOT! Made the mistake of saying cheers to the party below us in the restaurant with our last shot of deadly rice liquor. Little did we know that his uncle owned the bloody restaurant. We were kindly asked to their table and continued to be fed the rocket fuel. Went back to their hotel (which they owned and was amazing) and they continued on their mission to get us completely smashed. Mission accomplished. Barely remember excusing ourselves at2.30am or the walk back or smashing up the front gate to wake up the security guard to let us in. After a lot of throwing up (victoria) and not much sleep we were ready for rafting!
Shopping and Drinking in Katmandue
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