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Checking out of our hotel was interesting, apparently we hadn’t paid (we had) and had made the school boy error of not getting a receipt, lesson 60 bajilion learnt. After 45 mins of heated debate and passing cash forward and backwards we took our money and pissed off to the train station. Took us a while to work out that we actually had to walk off the end of the platform and down the tracks to find our carriage. Shared our cabin with 8 giggling Indian school girls who taught us some Hindu and played some amusing Indian games, that we sucked at. Paid for an overpriced tuktuk to take us to the building site that was our hotel. We ate in the same room as 3 men plastering a wall, they were kind enough to point the fan towards us so we could fully appreciate their work. Our hotel boasted a swimming pool that is best described as “lumpy”. The bed was harder than cement and bathroom was pretty gross but it didn’t matter because we were knackered! Ooo and free Wi-Fi so got to chat to some people, probably the only plus side of the hotel, that and the nice (but dim) staff.

Hotel Bobina
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