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48 hours, 4meals, two trains, three stations, 2 buses, 1 rickshaw, 1 ferry and alot of, gally wally, penis coffee later we were sat in our room in Allepey. Probably the best room to date and there are trees around us! Some greenery finally! Tied up a massive washing line in our room and washed all our dirty stuff (aka everything). It had got pretty dire, some of Jeremys Tshirts had started to smell like a sweaty horse had worn them. Walked around the streets of Allepey taking note of the extensive amount of Jewellery shops. Victoria drank cold coffee and ice cream while jeremy tucked into “the best curry yet”. Now both very happy we explored the rest off Allepey eating some snacks, browsing shops and stalls, found some great spices and debated whether or not to buy the Gasio or Casia watch? Neither £1.50 is way too much. Down an alleyway we joined the “queue” at the liquor store (a caged room). Loads of indians were buying rum wrapped in newspaper before shoving it down their pants and sliding off inconspicously. hurried back to the guest house to drink them while they were still cold. Cards, beer, sun, palm trees and only the faint sound of beeping in the distance, heaven.
Arrive in Allepey
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