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No sleep, interesting breakfast (or none in victoria’s case) it tasted good but cleanliness was an issue. When the after-breakfast mouth fresheners came out crawling with bugs Jeremy could see why Victoria chose not to eat. Filthy city but a jolly good hotel room. Got a room still being decorated so no light fittings a lack of paint and a hole in the wall but the bathroom was brand new and they had to unwrap the mattress from it’s new packaging so we could sleep on it! Probably the best room we have had since Delhi and one of the cheapest. Result! Met the crazy German, Nikolai, from the bus again and went for lunch and a walk round town. Had to go back to the hotel room and sleep cause we were knackered. Had dinner and went to the Pub with Nicoli in the evening. Was a good laugh and the hairy Indian ladyboy topped off the night.

  1. momma and dadda (Reply) on Saturday-26, 2009

    great to read another update

    sounds really amazing but not for me type trip
    sorry to hear about your illnesses, hope they are over now

    re camera a good lesson in life jeremy never trust the experts! lawyers accountants doctors or canoeists!

    marbles and papa are babysitting this weekend as matt and amanda are in antibes for a wedding

    loads and loads happening now we are back in the uk need to get away from it all asap

    garden nears completing after marbles threatened dismissal

    simon and lucy now living together all going really great there, we are over the moon

    work work work this week plus dentist nightmares time, life flying by – perhaps its the drugs

    another drubbing at golf yesterday from chris, fingers crossed for this afternoon

    hannah back at uni she has taken your mini clubs with her. we went to etchinhill on tuesday pm where she got it together for the last 4 holes

    marbles and i have been on the wagon for the last two weeks – since we got back from turkey – and have to say feel slighly worse for it. have lost some weight however – what a surprise! – so going for the month by which time we are hoping our livers will have re grown.

    take care of yourselves
    mega love
    momma and dadda

  2. Lucy (Reply) on Thursday-8, 2009

    Hi Guys!

    I’m having a sneaky break from the kids and checking out what you have both been up to. I only just realised that you could leave messages. Doh! Simon’s computer literacy must be rubbing off on me!

    Looks like you are having an amazing time. Everything is good here, had an amazing, amazing time in Turkey (though it feels quite a long time ago now). Simon has done great things with The Crest, it looks really gorgeous and even has a wood burning stove in the lounge!

    I am loving school, my most entertaining…and naughty student told me the other day that he has no need for english since he is going to be a drug dealer…and for that…he needs maths. He also recited a very interesting new version of Last Christmas
    ‘the year before last, I took it up the a***.’
    This kid is supplying me with some great dinner table stories!

    Anyway I hope you are both ok after the train journey. I’ll get Si to leave a message too.

    Miss you guys

    Luce xx

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