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Met Nikolai for the last time and went to another upmarket restaurant for lunch…. NOT. Was damn tasty though and cost a wopping 45p for both of us to eat there. Hit up some shops chatting to the locals was all pretty chilled out cause it was a Sunday during festive season so not much was going on. Found ourselves still haggeling 100 meters from a shop for an ankle bracelete that we didn’t really want. Crazy India. Stumbled across a meat market in our travels the stench raised was indescribable needless to say we were not brave/stupid enough to enter. Had some more cakes from an awesome cake store and went for a rather expensive beer. The man in the bar was angry that we ordered one beer between 3 people and so refused to let us play cards. Cock. Said goodbye to Nikolai who left to get his train to Varanasi. Funny guy. Internet now, dinner later and a 45 hour train journey to Kerala tomorrow. Fuck stick!

  1. Han (Reply) on Sunday-27, 2009

    Sounds amazing! mmm… cake!! Are you both really skinny yet??!! – I’m guessing not with cake and coco pops on the go!! I’m not either! DOH!
    Uni is going well. Haven’t had any lectures yet (only have 5 hours a week this year) but I joined loads of socs and sports stuff including skiing team and polo! ha! polo! why?! I’m such a knob! hehe.
    The mini is making some funny sounds again even though andrews gave it the ok it sometimes refuses to go into first gear!! we may have to re discuss the price! But let me know where you want the money to go. I’m guessing you probably want it for your travels!!

    More photos please!
    Loving the updates.
    Missing you both loads already!!
    big love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Shaz Gray (Reply) on Sunday-27, 2009

    It’s sooo addictive reading your blog!! Cannot wait for your updates and Hannah is right, more photos please!!! Fantastic to hear from you on Saturday and hope you are both feeling much better, ear and stomach. No more river water for your Victoria. Those cakes look pretty good though (beware of the cream slice though, remember what happened to Steve in Spain last year). Gus was remarkably well on our return from Spain (I think he loves it when Claudia is away). Oliver started school this week so will let you know how he got on when I phone Fi. I’m off for a fat glass of red wine now. Take care both of you. Love you lots Mummy Shaz and Daddy Baz xxxxxx

  3. Jeff (Reply) on Sunday-27, 2009

    that was long, your diarhea reflects on the blog as you post in one big flood for us to have a large endorphin rush. rafting mustve been awesome. gave advice on ear but saw in next post that it was resolved. its taken me 2 months to renew my passport, going to renew my vusa tomo, meant to enroll in uni on the 1st, not likely now. got so drunk, in like a month, the other day, i got made to do shots like real man-sambuca always finds its way into my life aside from vodka and the whiskey. apparently im going to do further education after i finish my degree? or so i was told im not sure. also the people in the mongol rally apparently made this vid!

    the funniest thing ive seen in a long time. posted it onboth your facebooks but not sure if you check it. oh yeah visit my cousin hes in hyderabad! has a massive beard and looks like a terrorist(seirously). anyway, have fun ill have a snakebite sunday in your name when i get back and pour some liquor for my homies, oh yeah also ive come across alot of chillout tunes lately can upload it for you guys if you wanna listen to something new in your bus journeys!

    ps. federer lost
    pps federer aka jeremy you let me down(del potro raped him tho so its now his fault, too old)

  4. mikey (Reply) on Monday-28, 2009

    Wow! am all caught up now after that mammoth reading session… im not jealous at all (..yeh right).
    going back to bomo tomoro and i am little worried what its going to be like without you guys there. think i’ll just drink through the pain.. same as always. xx

  5. Ian Bray (Reply) on Wednesday-30, 2009

    Good God!

    Kept me busy for a while! Keep them coming!

    I am paying the final balance today for the Morzine trip! whoop whoop!

    btw, work is going greaattt… If you wanted to know! haha

    Look forward to next up date!


  6. V & J (Reply) on Thursday-1, 2009

    Got into trouble the other day cause said i wanted to go skiing with you Ian so I don’t want to hear anything abuot morzine. Na just kidding keep me informed of your trick catalog.

    Mikey! I’m sure you’ll miss us loads, not I give you 3 weeks before your looked in a small dark hole of dissertation writing!

    Good to hear from everyone, time runnign out on net soooo got to go. Erks your a nutter, Han no not too skinny yet enjoying the curry too much.

    See Ya

  7. Father Ted (Reply) on Wednesday-7, 2009

    It’s been a while since we’ve heard from you so, of course, Shaz is worried!

    Let us know about Kerala. I assumed that there would be wifi etc.

    Golf was good last week, came fourth out of 28 and eventually ended up 3rd in the Grand Prix for the season. Good considering I missed 6 competitions. Still ready to give Jemery a beating (on the golf course)! Shaz is good. She has her final of the pairs tomorrow. Usual ‘don’t really give a monkey’s’ attitute but hope she wins. Claudia is usual PITA and Gus continues to defy the odds.
    Work is gay but busy. Weather has turned a bit now so Mum is bored and thinking of enrolling at the gym. Who would have thought, eh?!

    Going to the Navigator at Rozel on Sunday for our anniversary. Seafood platter maybe?!

    Give me a call when you get the chance, I need to talk to you about Barclays etc (thought that would get your attention!).

    Bank of Dad / Father Ted

  8. hanface (Reply) on Thursday-8, 2009

    I am going to call myself hanface from now on as not to get the hannahs confussed!!

    How are you guys???

    Please enjoy every second of it for me!! I’d do anything to be traveling right now, NOT job hunting :) Thinking of you on your adventures!! Miss you guys!!


  9. momma and dadda (Reply) on Thursday-8, 2009

    coco pop package on it’s way to singapore

    si says buy sun glasses there as grt value for money ie sending sunnies would be coals to newcastle

    loads and loads happening here
    mom ma riding lessons! the praise is going to her head!
    she is up at 5 am to go hunting twice a week
    ride from house coming up
    shooting weekend next weekend
    fafa been in hospital for a few days dicky heart – but best out come just more pills – could not have been that bad left hospital went straight out for dinner. declined their kind invitation to attend warfrin clinic on tuesday as “that is my golf day”
    big news on matthew work front
    andrew hird over from australia for the weekend
    clive going to have liver cancer op 2nd november – he is pleased – apparently your liver grows back in 6 to 8 weeks

    grt pics of tea plantation
    looking fwd to seeing your next blog

    working too hard again 8 days in a row of meetings, business school and banks aaaaaah!!!

    momma and dadda

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