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Success! Returning to the train booking office we luckely got a very helpful woman who was polite enough to tell the pushy Indians where to go. With extra time and attention we were able to book a train from Kolkata to Chennai and then on to Kerala. Now all we had to do was get to Kolkata. 15hr bus journey here we come! Woop woop. Now both lying on a bunk bed, windows open, lights off, hindi music blasting. It’s like trying to sleep on a rollercoaster with a scared elephant (the bus horn) and a ghetto blaster. Met the most chilled out German guy who managed to pay less for his bus ticket than the Indian he was sharing his bed with. Amazing. He went trecking at 5,000 metres without a sleeping bag or jumper! He shrugged this off saying “ya it got pretty cold”. Had 45mins sleep max and think we spent more time airborn than we did on our bed.

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