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Rafting Down the Sun Koshi River

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So 8am…. Some more puking (Victoria) a lot of slurred laughing and staggering around the spinning room trying to piece together our lives. Not really the start we were looking for. After an extra 3 hours sleep on the bus to our starting point we were far more hungover. Still it was only a nice gentle half a days rafting to deal with. However, this again was almost to much for Victoria who was verging on creating her own rapids inside the raft if the camp site had been a small ripple later.

Tents were all erected and Jeremy spent the night familiarizing him self with the toilet tent (a square hole in the sand). The next couple of days rafting were pretty much similar. They varied from 3+rapids to 2+ to swimming down the stream effortlessly. Blissful scenery and desert island like camp sites what more could you want. Played a lot of whist, volleyball and football in the evenings but still felt too special to drink the rum.

Day 4 saw our biggest rapid, ‘Haukapura’ 4+ perhaps even a comfortable 5+. I gave my video camera to one of the ’safety’ kyakers who went down first to film. We watched him get right into the center of the rapids before being tossed around like a rag doll. He Eskimo rolled faster than a washing machine can spin, lost his paddle and filled his kayak up with water before being spat out and feaberly towed to safety by the second kayak. R.I.P. video camera. Still it filled us with confidence…..

FORWARD. MORE POWER! We just had time to question why we had opted to sit at the front, when up was down and down was up. When you have your paddle in the water above your head you know something is slightly a miss. However we smashed through everything it threw at us and lived to drink celebratory rum! The rest of the rapids after that day seamed pretty tame in comparison. However there was rum to drink, games to play and a world to watch go by. Other highlights included Victoria hacking a chickens head off, Moran trying to unsuccessfully climb over the raft leader (in a panic) to get back on the boat and being called Jimmy and Victory (the best the Nepali guides could manage at pronouncing our names).

On the penultimate day Jeremy jumped into the river and got water stuck in his ear which was very painful and Victoria managed to get to the drinking water before it had been treated so had a night of excreting as much as she could from every oraphesis. On the last day with Victory still feeling sick and Jimmy with the makings of an ear infection our re-entry into India looked promising. We stopped at a temple just before we finished to look at a one of a kind religious rock that was half copper and half stone. Some one once tried to steal the unguarded stone and after walking for the entire night had managed to take it 2km (it’s a heavy mother).

We had our final meal said our goodbye’s and left in a taxi with Scott, who was kind enough to kick us out in a town with a bus station on his way to the airport. Hitched a ride on the worlds shakiest/bounciest bus. Victoria flew 2 feet clear off her seat to head but the guard rail while Jeremy choose to elbo drop his metal arm rest. We wedged our selves in and made it to the boarder along with a pair of baby goats.

With Victoria feeling particularly weak from not eating and with Jeremy’s ear pounding we set foot on the bridge to walk back to India. “Don’t go to India” a traveler shouted over his should as we past him….. Yeh thanks.
(ps 1-0 to you mark, no donkeys in Nepal)

Got a local bus into Siliguri and then walked 2k back the way we had come because we’d gotten off too late. Found a hotel room and crashed out.

  1. Jeff (Reply) on Sunday-27, 2009

    ear hurting could be an infection. if it persists home remedy is get hard liqour pour it in the ear and lie for a half hour on your side. i bet its too late, youre either fixed or missing a head

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