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Got into Varanasi at 5:15am and were greeted by Budha hotel staff who marched us off into a taxi. Nice hotel dodgy food. After sleeping for a bit we ventured outside attempting to walk the 1.5k back to the train station and… got lost. Streets more crazy than Delhi or Agra so was difficult. After paying a tucktuck man we finally got to the train station and saw the actually very honest, helpful and informative tourist information man (who would have thought!?!). Booked our train tickets to Gorakhpur and fought with the tucktuck drivers to take us back to our hotel for a reasonable price. I quote “yes I win” when we found a sign with the price it should cost on it. People are more agreesive here and EVERYONE is trying to scam you (not just the majority). So we decided to do the brave thing and hide in our hotel and watch GI-Joe. Food again was dodgy at dinner and gave us both cramps. Another young Italian couple came into the hotel that we had met briefly in Agra who came to join us. So good to be able to openly discuss stuff with out worrying that they are sizing you up for a scam.

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