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Even tough we had purchased the three front seats of the shared jeep the driver was still changing gears between jeremys legs. So away we went with the driver stroking inner thigh every time he changed gear. The road to darjeeling is best described through it’s road signs. “time is money but life is precious”, beep beep, round the corner we went through the mist, “enjoy your ride, don’t commit suiside” beep beep, BEEP, brake and some more thigh stroking. We were told by Aude, the Isralie that if we want to know how long a joureny is going to take in India you work it out from an average speed of 20kmph, he was right. 4 and a half hours later we were lugging our bags through the narrow steep streets of Dajeeling. After some swearing and walking around we stopped for a nice lunch before continueing in the same vain. Eventually found a place and crashed out again.

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