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Jeremy woke up in considerable pain which forced a short and expenive cycle rickshaw ride to the hospital. An unconcerned doctor had a quick look and proscribed some drugs. We picked them up and Jeremy gobbled them. Not really sure what was doing what but if it made the bad man stop it was all worth it. Had a quite lunch and put a procautionary phone call into Allister. Who gave a much more reasuring and clear take on the situation than the carefree Indian. Determined not to let it get in the way we booked the three front seats of a shared jeep to darjeeling for the next day. Jeremy with drugs in ear and stomach spent most of the night soaking up sympathy and squeezing Victorias hand when ever he was in pain or wanted more attention. Conversations were fun cause jeremy was deaf in one ear, didn’t have great hearing in the other and had a swallen face that made talking painful. Selfish….

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