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Lying in a single bunk with Victoria, writing this on a sleeper train.

Anyway to get here we got up an hour after we were meant to check out and walked back to the Internet cafe. Thought it was best to book ahead after reading the dangers of Varanasi. We googled the hotel we wanted to stay in and it had quite alot of people saying that they reserved ahead only to be given a different (crapier) room or not get a room at all. So we booked one away from the gatts without a view but with good reviews to be safe. Went back to the hotel to eat and caught our taxi to tunderla. Drive was interesting saw some more crazy India stuff like 10 people in a 3 man tucktuck, which is a normal sight round town but on the motorway looked like quite a stunt! Got into Tunderler where the odd ones out were the people that weren’t staring at us (victoria). Tunderler is not in the lonely planet book! Realized that I had lost my wallet. Doh! phoned the taxi man and got him to come back for 100rps. He didn’t have it but lent us his mobile to phone the hotel, they didn’t have it…. Take your pick who is lying. Luckerly after the wallet fell out of my pocket at the park I moved the citi bank card else were so crisis averted. Lost driving license 600rps and STA student card. Big deal, but need to be more careful. Anyway victoria soon put her trousers on to minimise the saliva output from drooling men. Sat on the rat infested platform (mum’s you would have gone wild they were big and they certainly weren’t shy) for 2hours waiting for the train. Saw some more white people! Huddled together with them. Two had just got a “horrible” bus here after being scammed by some one selling them a delux ticket. That just about covers it. Oh and had to shift an Indian woman off my bed before sleeping in it. Alarm set for 4:45am! Night.

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