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Waiting for my mushroom and pepper sauce steak to arrive. Can’t tell you how excited I am. Pretty wet having just got lost in Kathmandu….. Steak is Amazing.

  1. Ian Bray (Reply) on Thursday-10, 2009

    YoYo guys!

    You have been busy! The blogs are keeping me going at work! Whoop whoop, sounds like you are having a blast!

    Counting down the days for skiing! some bad news with Rich Wilfdog, he broke his ankle…! We all went to Nottinghill Carnival and Rich and Frency where doing some gay snowboard graps off the curb (yes a curb) and he broke his ankle. Currently he is 50/50 weather he is going to make the season so its worring times! During all this i was face down in a bush throwing up in the middle of London! drinking got a bit out of hand!

    Lots of Love,


  2. Jeff (Reply) on Monday-14, 2009

    updates on the world. this week tennis. murray sucks! how is he world no.2? he said he was already thinking about the us open final! yet he can even get past some random guy!and of course he blames it on an injury, what a loser. nadal got raped in tsraight sets by del potro 6-2 every set, can safely say federer has his 16th title! buck up murray

  3. Matthew Pack (Reply) on Saturday-19, 2009

    Did you survive the steak? Not heard from you for a while. You’re not missing anything back here.
    Sometimes I get some sleep but most of the time I’m working. Just made a book from St Lucia. Life overtaken by weddings at the mo. Next one this Friday in Nice.

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