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So a 5am start to get to the Taj for sun rise. Sacked of the rickshaw man offering to take us to the ticket office and back for 20rs and got the free electric cart there and back (teach him to make our beer more expensive). Got searched before being let in the East gate of the Taj then…. Wow. Took alot of photos! In a moment of weakness gave 100rps to a man showing us were the best places to take photos from was. Doh! Spent 2 and a bit hours goggling at the Taj and walking around it. Checked out of hotel after some breakfst and got the same tucktuck driver to take us to our next hotel which again was cheaper still 400rps and much nicer, again didn’t have hot water but you would be mad if you wanted it! Crashed out for a good couple of hours before taking a walk to the Internet cafe which was conveniently located below a bar. Needless to say we drank beer, tasted soooo GOOD. Looked at hotels on the net before deciding to leave it up to our choice when we got there. Went round the corner to a restaurant and had this conversation:

Jeremy: “I don’t think we should eat the same thing here”
Victoria: “I don’t think we should eat here at all”
Jeremy: “let’s go”

Got lost walking back. Victoria admitting she came last in orientering at school so Jeremy taking charge of the situation and the map went successfully in a big circle. It was getting dark now and we were walking the wrong way (but didn’t know it). Got a rickshaw man to cycle us back for 10rps. Had a nice meal in the hotel and let Victoria win 60 bagilion games of rummy before going to bed and Reading the lonely planet.

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