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Hey guys, thanks to everyone who has been leaving us messages we really appreciate it. Makes it so much more fun to write and also makes our day. It’s like having a really slow conversation. Just wanted to say keep it coming we love reading them even if we don’t have time to reply.

There are a load more posts pending but we are struggling to find a Wifi connection, Darjeeling doesn’t have the best electricity let alone internet. Anyway watch this space. Much love.

Mark-still no donkeys.

  1. Carol (Reply) on Tuesday-22, 2009

    Hello!!! How are you? It was so nice to hear your voice the other day even if all you were saying is “i can’t hear you!
    Loving the updates and photos. Keep them coming! We’re all missing you here at brewers already.
    Loads of love to you both.
    Love mumma xxxx

  2. Hannah (Reply) on Tuesday-22, 2009

    Missing you guys. I got myself a new lens the other day. think it is exactly the same as yours. Got it of ebay for 150!! hehe. Can’t believe you lost your wallet already. DOH!! that was inevitable though i guess. I;m back of to uni tomorrow. back to work which will be gay. oh well! xxxxxxxxx

  3. carol (Reply) on Tuesday-22, 2009

    Hello Jerez and Victoria, I’ve got a new computer battery, an internet connection and Hannah has shown me how
    to say hello in the right box, all very exciting!! I know the call didn’t work too well on Sunday but it was
    lovely to hear your voice, even if it was just to say hello, hello, hello over and over before being cut off.
    Everything you are seeing and doing looks amazing, I’m looking forward to the next instalment.
    Have fun.
    Tons of love
    Mumma x x x
    PS Missing you – the house is too tidy and the washing machine under utilised.

  4. mindy (Reply) on Wednesday-23, 2009

    Hello, mini here
    We all had supper at SiSi’s last night to say goodbye to Hannah and we raised a glass to you both. Thinking of you, we miss the bung bungs. Good work on making it over to Darjeeling… that is some serious bus action. News from the MP, was hot and sunny on Saturday so Matt, Emily and I spent it by the pool in the morning then headed to Port Lympme in the afternoon. We did the “African experience” where you get into a jeep and drive through the enclosures. Emily loved it as she is now making the sounds of all the animals she sees. She is known as “the echo” at nursery as she is repeating all the words you say. Current favourite toy, Playdough, current favourite food, fish pie. Matt and I are off to Antibes on Friday for a wedding, Marbles and Papa on Emily duty for the weekend. Safe travels south, big love

  5. amanda (Reply) on Thursday-24, 2009

    p.s emily has just corrected me, her current favorite food is mashmallows, those tiny ones that go perfectly on top of a hot chocolate. Speaking of which, have you found any coco pops on your travels yet?

  6. han (Reply) on Thursday-24, 2009

    miss you guys! hope all is well and happy out there!! waiting for the next blogs xxx

  7. Ian Bray (Reply) on Friday-25, 2009

    Yo yo!

    I hope you where refering to me when you were saying how good it is to hear from folk! hehe!

    Anyway, stop your moaning! Let me worry about moaning!

    Keep these posts going as it is keeping me going through this working period before MORZINE!!!!

    Chow for now!


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