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Oh my god. It was like the University ski trip bus journey, just more dangerous, dirty, uncomfortable, disgusting and stopped every 30 mins to force more unwilling customers on. The views were awesome even if the sound to accompany it was a Nepali man hucking up a load of phlegm to spit out the window. How much phlegm can one little man produce!? 11 hours worth apparently he must have been seriously dehydrated by the end. Got picked up by 3 different touts at the bus station. Agreed to go on a bus with one man to see his hotel (as it happened to be right next to one we were interested in and we had no idea how to get there, resault!) looked at the room didn’t like it, left and went round the corner and booked the nice clean bad boy! I left Victoria in reception and tried to walk 200 meters round the corner to check another hotel out. I was gone for just under an hour and never managed to find the hotel. Man Katmandue is confusing.

  1. Shaz Gray (Reply) on Tuesday-8, 2009

    Sounds like your bus journey was “exactly” like a uni one! maybe better! Great to hear from you guys yesterday. Keep on posting the blog – it makes my day and I can’t wait to read it. Love you lots xxxx

  2. mindy (Reply) on Tuesday-8, 2009

    like shaz I am following your posts like some sort of nuttier ;-) love it.
    Ahh the joy of bus journeys, I had almost forgotten about the token “phlegm man” that comes as standard
    Nepal, Never Ending Peace And Love, don’t forget to buy loads of stuff and check out the sea shipping
    steak, trek, steak, raft, steak, maybe a pizza from stone oven, bus big love

  3. Han (Reply) on Tuesday-8, 2009

    haha!! a million random adventures already!! it sounds amazing, keep happy and keep posting xxx

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