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Again, a limited number of places were open because of this festival malarky so went to the usual spots for food. We went to the supermarket (yes, an actual supermarket!) to get some cereal and long life milk for our epic train journey in case the train food was rubbish. Food in hand we lugged our bags north through some sort of gone off meat market, this street was the dirtiest and smelliest we had come across in Kallcutta. Jeremy braved stopping for a quick photo while Victoria marched on taking deep lungfuls of rotten air. Hailed a local bus to the river and bought a ticket for the ferry crossing. Lugged our bags over the train track (the only way to get to the ferry dock) to finally pose for the paparazzi on the ferry. Trapsed up to the train station and accross 22 platforms to reach our train. We watched the routine fight that people with unreserved seating tickets go through. The “queue” (nonexistent in India) was massive and the carriage really wasn’t. We later found out that people that travel this class generally stand up for the whole journey (30hrs). A favored spot in this carriage is to lock yourself in the smelly, unflushable squat toilet for the entire journey. Boarding our luxury AC carriage we ordered some food and chatted to the Indians around us. Don’t know if we already mentioned but its pretty hard for us NOT to attract attention. An Indian father and son from the states were looking at Universities in India, a family were on a business-cum-holiday trip to Chennai and the final group were dull miserable and boring. We ate reasonably good cheap train food before Jeremy slept and Victoria attempted to.

Leaving Kolkata
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