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So the alarm went off at 3:30 AM and… we turned the little fucker off. Eventually after much debating through sleepy words we decided it was worth getting up to try and make it to tiger hill. We were reluctant because “Darjeeling people sit in dense fog and watch an entire soccer match without knowing what the hell is going on.” So traveling 11km at 4am for a sunrise view is risky. We paced up and down the dark steep streets going in slightly lost circles and bartering with drivers before taking a taxi. We made it to Tiger Hill just in time and saw the sun slowly light up the Everest Mountain range before sliding up over the opposite horrizon. Some people asked us for a photo. We obliged and reached for the camera and were slightly surprised when they took a photo of us then shoved their kids in and took another one. This happened with 4 different sets of people, it seems we were more of an attraction than the mountain view. Ha, 4-0 Everest. We returned to Darjeeling with celebrity status and went to sleep. Spent the rest of the day trying to upload blog posts, post presents and book transport back to Siliguri. None of that worked out for us. Early night and an early start to attempt it all again.

Tiger Hill
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