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Victoria helped Alice put the finishing touches on her birthday cake by sacrificing some precious Percy pigs and covering it in strawberry sauce. Blew up balloons, put banners up, prepaired food, set the table and beat Joss 2-1 at table tennis. Pool antics followed thowing some kids around the pool, no injuries, even Jeremy survived. Then we sang happy birthday to Alice and helped her demolish one of her cakes.

One tasty BBQ followed even if Jeremy did distract Joss from the BBQ at the last minute to give it that charcoal crisp finish. Party bags were handed out by Alice who had very thoughtfully got Jeremy 2 packets of travel sized coco pops and Victoria 2 packets of M&M’s. Alice opened her presents and luckerly everything was SUPER COOOOOOOL (including the Barbie watch we got her). Antoine and Jeremy agreed and started playing with her fairyland set. Some cricket allowed Antoine to smash a ball threw the upstairs window and Joss and Jeremy to almost suffer a golden duck(if Antoine hadn’t given us two lives).

A final play in the pool saw the Adults/big kids become more exhausted than the children. ‘Just one more spin pleeease!’. Dinner and some more bed time reading before we chilled out infront of the film ‘definately maybe’, moral of that romcom is go for the red head! Thank you and good night.

Alice Birthday
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