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Had coco pops for breakfast! Yeh boi make my day. Taxi men hang around the bus stops to pick up business, which fills me with confidence about the bus service. I don’t think We have ever taken so many flights in such a short space of time, 3 in a week! Airport food again, crap and expensive when will we learn? Jeremy not letting victoria have an iced coffee was about the most exciting thing at miri airport. RM 3 bus ride and a short walk later we were sitting playing cards with Thomas (another German) drinking beer in our guest house. He climbed Mount Kinerbalue really cheaply by entering a race the smart bastard. Went with him down to the philipeano night Market where they have fresh fish to BBQ. Victoria had a giant tuna steak and Jeremy had Red Snapper all for a Barry bargin.

  1. Han (Reply) on Friday-13, 2009

    mmmmm…. yum yum. sounds about as good as my uni food. that is the airport crap not the fresh fish!!! xx

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