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Up at 6am to have some breakfast and catch our ferry back. Believe it or not the Saturday morning 7am ferry is not that popular so their was loads of space to stretch out and sleep. Jeremy had heart burn from his chilli crab the night before but it was still worth it. A quick visit to the loo confirmed that he now had heart burn and ringsting but maintained that it was still worth it. That’s one tasty/painful/spicy crab. Victoria had hangover. Bus was late. Ziz vud never of happened in Singapore.

Mersing to Singapore
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  1. Jeff (Reply) on Saturday-17, 2009

    u take photos of indians who we can see in london for free, or just look at me, yet this paradise island remains unseen. and vic how are you still so pale?

  2. V & J (Reply) on Saturday-17, 2009

    LOL carm down Erks and have another look only just put the 47 photos we took up and also haven’t yet had time to edit the excessive amount of video I took. Cheeky Fucking Russian.

  3. Ian Bray (Reply) on Monday-19, 2009

    What HD Cam did you go for?

    The snorkeling sounded fun? Was it as good as pool diving? When are you going to get some proper scuba done?

    Peace out


    • V & J (Reply) on Tuesday-20, 2009

      It was the new sanyo one. Footage looks q

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