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Breakfast consisted of noodles with some more noodles. Seems they have the same food for breakfast lunch and dinner, yay. We set about finding out what the hell we’re going to do here for 2 weeks. Climb mountains, see orangutans, crocodiles, turtles or explore rainforests. All sounded good but was expensive and touristy.

We went on the web to find something different cheaper and less exploited. Mulu national park. Can only fly there or get a boat close then 5 hour trek, hmm sounds good. Home to the largest caves in the world and has rainforest canopy walks and what not. Game on, so Victoria devised a route to get us to Limbang where we guess it’s easier to discover how to get the boat and the trek there. Found some ferries going to an Island (labuan) where it is then possible to go on to Limbang.

We had some beers on the quay side and watched the amazing red sun set. Went back just in time to get 50% off pizza in a swanky hotel which was lucky as any more noodles were going to drive Jeremy insane. Unlimited curry is good unlimited noodles sucks.

KK Sunset
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  1. Shaz Gray (Reply) on Tuesday-27, 2009

    I see Bill Silverman lives on!!! Spooky!!!!! xx

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