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Train arrived into Chennai 2 and half hrs late, but seemed insignificant as we had been on board for 12hrs anyway. Checked into pretty grotty hotel (the best we could find for our budget). Got the metro/train thing to ‘the lighthouse’ which wasn’t even worth a photo so wandered around Chennai Centre. Lots of healthy looking beggeds here. You watch the mothers (with hand bags on) send their children over to beg for money cheeky bastards. Walked into a shopping mall and stood at the entrance hall for a good minute like deer in headlights. We weren’t entirely sure what to do with ourselves, how to behave, or what all the shiny things were. We were, for the first time in India, dirtier than everybody else and looked like we didn’t belong here (which we didn’t!). Bumped into the annoying fat American woman we thought we had left behind at Rameswaran. She ensnared us by buying us icecream and promising gin. She actually became far more bearable after the gin even if she did keep banging on about N1H1, think she probably meant H1N1. Walked back to the metro thingy and took it home with all the other commuters. Watched the train pull away with 7people clinging on to he outside, had some dinner and went to bed.
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