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Let us start by saying today was the hardest day on this trip so far and also lies inside the ‘top 10 hardest things we have ever had to do ever’. It started well with roosters waking us up before dawn (pretty annoying roosters, buy a watch!). Up at 6 to have breakfast and set out on the longboat by 7. Just as we began to doze off they handed us a stick each and made us help punt the boat along when it got shallow, (brilliant, it’s not like we wanted to conserve energy). It got real shallow and when the sticks were no longer effective we had to get out and haul the boat up river.

Pretty exhausted already we arrived at the beggining of ‘the head hunters trek’. Thankfully the family we stayed with (and took us up the river) had bought us some lunch, rice and canned meat. We woofed this down and repacked our bags so that our day sacks fitted into our big bags. So when people do this trek they hike with minimum weight bags, in the morning when it is cooler and they have the most energy. We are doing this trek in the heat of the afternoon carrying 42kg between us (23.5 & 18.5) after punting up stream for 3hours.

So with that said this is what happened……

  1. Matthew Pack (Reply) on Sunday-1, 2009

    fantastic video Jers – Amanda and I just watched them all very cool. I would probably have put a pair of flip flops on for the rest of the trek mind you! those feet looked super sore!

    missing you both – keep taking the pics and posting video they are just magic – big day tomorrow at office@

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