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Booked caving for this arvo and tomorrow morn. Jeremy went back to airport to book ticket out and Victoria went to book the homestay (as the dorm was full). Had lunch (oodles of noodles) and set off for caving! Only five of us in the group. A couple from Holland on their honeymoon and a girl writing for the Borneo section of the Rough Guide, all really nice, normal people.

First checked out Lang cave, named after the explorer who happened to pull back a bush and find an enormous cave, chances hey. It was lit really well and for the nerds out there you could see perfect Stalagmites and Stalegtites. Deer cave next, stank of Guano (bat poop) home to 1.5 million bats, so that’s alot of poop. Some of the pictures are hazy because of the amount of ammonia in the air, that’s how much there was. Poop eating insects cockroaches etc were everywhere writhing in the stuff. Oh and I forgot to mention Deer cave was the largest cave in the world (fitting 5 St Pauls Cathedrals in it) until May this year when some guys in Vietnam stumbled across a bigger one. Not sure how u ’stumble across’ the worlds biggest cave but it happens.

Bats aren’t like birds they can’t hop in the air to start flying they have to drop from a great height, open their wings and hope for the best. So the picture of the bat we got hanging off the hand rail (looks like Benjamin button) was well and truly screwed. Apparently he will die within a week and be eaten by the bugs. Nice. Good picture though. Once outside we waited for dusk and for the bats to pour out of the cave. Sat for half an hour watching them fly out in steady continuous streams. Cue nerdy fact no.2: these 1.5 million bats will eat 15tons of insect a night. So all the mozzies that were devouring us before the bats came out got eaten, ha.

Back at the ranch we had dinner with Emma (from the rough guide) and played some cards. She had tried to stay in the dorm but was forced to fork out for a nice room which happened to have four beds. To cut a long story short we ended up snuggled in to 2 of her spare beds. Thanks for having us to play Emma!

Deer & Lang Cave
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  1. Matthew Pack (Reply) on Tuesday-27, 2009

    did you see any corpuscular chiroptera? Great White Bat?

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