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Had some breakfast and headed to the Bazar for some shopping which turned out to be a load of junk. Jeremy, having woken up feeling slightly off colour started to feel worse, so we began to make our way home. Managed get all the way back on the metro before having to be sick on the back of the train as it pulled out. Jeremy cowering over, redecorated the tracks with vomit whilst a load of Indians looked at him in disgust. Apparently it’s ok to litter, spit and urinate in public, fester in your own shit and poo on and around (never in) a toilet (not to mention wipe ur arse with ur hand) but being sick is positively frightful! These people astound me! Quick march back to the hotel and keeled over on the bed. Nurse Victoria sprang to life with water and antibiotics while recording a temperature at 41 degrees. 6 weeks in India and with a day to go, what are the chances. Jeremy slept while Victoria watched some films and kept a steady stream of cold cloths coming. Florence, I mean victoria, went all productive on yo ass and had dinner, fetched cold water, checked emails, spoke to Baz, replied to msgs and watched jeremy puke on himself and poo the bed.

  1. Jeff (Reply) on Sunday-11, 2009

    florence loves it on and around her face)

  2. Ian Bray (Reply) on Monday-12, 2009

    Finally trained her then Jez? hehe, hopefully emily wont see this as i will probabally get a slap from victoria via the female network through emilys hand. Owel

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