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The homestay was nice but had become, like the house boats, pretty commercial. Whispers of ‘moneys worth’ accompanied breakfast as we forced down as much curry as physically possible, fried bananas were real good. Matthew took us for a walk along the bank and explained about life on the backwater and it’s history. Was fascinating and learnt a lot from him. The most interesting thing was that the whole place is below sea level and was built by natives who started piling mud (with their hands) from one part of the sea onto another thus making an island. He left us at the entrance to a massive paddy field with directions to get back and left us too it. This was too cool. Walking out into the middle of nowhere, what a view. We paid up and left to get the ferry back. After much debating we decided that Allepey had been exhausted and that we’d try and make it to Varkala the same day. Travelled in unreserved 2nd class with the cows and goats. met 8 lads studying to become priests and were heading to a prison to do some god malarky. 6hrs study, 6hrs praying, everyday for 13yrs=potential priest. Crazy shit. Weren’t too impressed when victoria openly admitted she doesn’t believe in god.

At varkala we shared a taxi with 2 belgians to the main ’strip’. We knew something was up when the game of spot the Westeners had reversed into spot the Indians. Found a cheap room and walked along the Val Da Lobo style cliff top with restaurants and souvenir shops. This was not what we came to India for. We ate for 6 times the price we usually do at ‘Cafe Del Mar’ which low and behold played cafe del mar music. The people here were pikey and thought they were very cool and different. We appreciated the view and resolved to get out of here as quickly as possible.

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