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The next bus going to Medamit was at 10am so we walked up to the food court with all our stuff and sat and ate breakfast, victoria (noodle monster) had noodles and jeremy (back on form) had two plates of chicken fried rice. Back at the bus stop the story had changed, ‘no bus’. Strange but ok. The guy hailed over a minivan that would take us to medamit for 12 ringgets, yeh fine.

45 mins down the road we were sat in the middle of nowhere in a hut with locals laughing at us because we have turned up without a travel agent. ‘no one has ever turned up with out a guide or agent’. A boat man offered to take us up to the next village for RM 150. We decided that was too much and would wait till around 3 o’clock when a man from town would possibly come back who lives up river and might have space in his boat for us, if he is kind enough to take us. The waiting starts, 3 hours later a drunk Malaysian turned up as entertainment and bought us some beer. After more beer he offered to take us up river for RM 20. We were pretty desperate to get out of the heat and not really clocking how drunk he was (we only realised when he said, ‘my English only good when drunk’) we got in his boat and with shouts of ‘me happy go lucky’ we set off. As we sped up the river he pointed out ‘no good’ (aka crocodiles) and only stopped to drink more beer, light cigarettes and take a piss. Amazingly we made it all the way only hitting a giant log right at the end. ‘why you worry? me got yamaha, me happy go lucky’. Wow we made it alive.

We realised how drunk he really was when he was determined to carry Victorias backpack for her and was adiment to put it on upside down. Full marks for comedy value. The long house had other westerns and their guides in it, which was reassuring. We managed to book another boat up river, not quite as cheap as before, apparently it was a bloody bargain. We ate, drank rice wine and played cards with the other Brits and Canadians.

Happy Go Lucky
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