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We seized the lonely planet and headed to breakfast to discuss our escape plan. This was difficult, we only have a few days left and many of the places we wanted to escape to were too far away. Rameswaram stood out as quite a good option, situated on the tip of the opposite coast. If we left tonight we could make it there for tomorrow morning. Booked a ticket Sleeper Class woop woop. Back on the ‘Vegas Strip’ we decided to lounge on the beach next to the sunburnt Brits showing off their tatoos and England tops. This place is the next costa del sol. We heared posh and becks say they have extended their stay in Varkala for another two weeks because “thats the Varkala effect”. Idiots, we arrived last night and were leaving on the next train THATS the Varkala effect! The train was pretty full. We snuggled in (opposite our actual seats that were currently accomodating an entire family). Eventually we were able to set our beds up before more people came in for a cuddle. Not that it made any difference to the amount of sleep we got. Lay awake the whole night due to people talking, arguing, singing, climbing around and lights constantly going on and off. But the smell of poo and piss that maintained a constant barrage on the nostrils was probably the the worst part. We pulled in early at 4:15 and with some deluded sniggering we hauled our selves off the train. This was more like it, stupid Varkala.
'Vegas' Varkala
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