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Jos & Annes

Arrived absolutely shattered and just had time to say hi and bye to Joss on his way to work then fell asleep in a CLEAN bed with AC! Amazing! But we might have got a little trigger happy with the AC and woke up freezing, so Anne discovered us in bed with our sleeping bags! Went to the British Club for a fry up, yes a fry up, (with meat and everything). That evening we had a…. Vodka and tonic (with ice and lemon) and went out for dinner to eat steak (with red wine). Joss and Anne are now officially our two favorite people! After dinner Joss realised he had drunk more than his fair share of wine and decided it would be best if we go to a bar. A short taxi ride and a few Mojitos later we left. Well, technically Joss fell into some poor girl and used her g&t to steady himself prior to falling over the stairwell. Fishing his hand out of her glass he made a quick apology and we all left giggling. We were all clearly plastered, therefore feeling the time was right to find some whores! So another short taxi ride and we were sat with a cold beer watching hookers (majority female, minority male, some unknown). Over our next drink we discussed the value of the bogof hooker offer and how excellent it was that they got tested every month (although this arguably takes all the fun out of it). After each choosing a different hooker we bundled them all in a taxi and took them back to joss and annes. Just kidding. We decided that we were quite content with each others company and sat in a bar overlooking the whore shopping mall (complete with escalators) and watched the old men (majority western, potentially British) pile out with more than their fair share of ‘women’ (unbeknowst to them, and more entertainingly, ladyboys). It was now 3:30 in the morning and the only hookers left were the ones with protruding adams apples and that suspicious bulge beneath their miniskirt. Time to go home I feel.

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