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Said bye to Antoine and Alice for the last time and went back to bed before going shopping. Jeremy Bought a beginners Spanish workbook and some cheese for Anne etc (that is a luxury in Singapore) to say thank you very much for having us (If Mat and Mindy are reading this, be warned we gave them a ton of ‘free stay at pack house’ vouchers). Packed up our stuff (bags feeling lighter), as are our bodies. We’ve both lost a stone since traveling, well it’s not lost it’s laid out on the streets of India in blood and sweat (and poopy). Said our final goodbye to Anne and walked down to the bus stop to start our bus train bus bus bus journey.

Ate some tasty airport food (not kidding) and indulged in donut goodness for desert. Boarded our airasia flight (tag line ‘now anyone can fly’ aka ‘even WE have worked out how to fly these things’ or perhaps ‘anyone is actually allowed to pilot this plane’.) We had seats 19 and 18 F but apparently so did some other people, infact everyone seemed to be incapable of finding their correct seat so we just picked a seat and sat down. Bad choice as now Victoria is intent on stabbing the screaming child infront. One last funny thing, the brief safety demo features the dude actually putting his oxygen mask on and looking around. Looks scary, reminded Jeremy of ‘Bio Dome’ where they strap laughing gas to their face’s, ‘look I’m a dove tailed platipus hahahaa’.

Got a taxi as arrived too late for the bus. Can you take us to North Borneo Cabin. Hotel? Yes North… Hotel? Hmm we cycled through a lot of different hotel names, street names, land marks. Nothing seemed to ring a bell with this ‘local’ taxi man. Eventually spotted a backpackers place we’d read about in the LP. No bathroom but nice room, job done.

  1. Fred denne (Reply) on Thursday-22, 2009

    Love the reference to Bio-Dome made me chuckle. Assuming you are better now jeremy and not shitting quite so much.
    Lost a stone each sounds like you are wasting away maybe i will adventually beet u in an arm wrestle jeremy when you get back if there is anything left of you.
    any how i am supposed to be working this is however far more interesting.
    keep us updated.
    enjoy yourselves

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