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Fuzzy heads greated all but the children in the morning. Went down to the Dutch Club that had a diving board. Joss and Jeremy over cooked the dive a couple of times being caught out by the springyness of the board and almost back flopt, but survived. Antoine dealt with another boy jumping on his head surprisingly well and Alice was equally brave when a pushy 3year old shoved her of the end of the diving board. Food made everything better. Some cricket in the back garden saw the afternoon pass by with Antoine complaining about Jeremys bowling and smashing Joss for six (onto the garage roof). Had a BBQ in the evening, demolished everything, was epic. Talked to pretty much the entire pack family and more over skype who had gathered to have Sunday dinner together as Andrew was over from Australia, but it seemed his flight any earlier than he thought so didn’t actually make it. Oh well have to let him off cause he has named his son Jeremy.

Next day Antoine and Alice went to school and with no one else to play with we were forced to think about what we were going to do when we left the safe haven of the house. Planned a route to Malasia and the Philippines. Had to cross Burma off the list as it seems to have pissed of all its neighbouring countries, making the boarder crossing pretty difficult. Also crossed off Indonesia as we didn’t fancy earthquakes, hurricanes, shipwrecks or civil riots. Not today.

The children came back from school and Victoria made marshmallow surprise with them and jeremy was fooled by the four year old Alice who told him that she did’t have to eat the rest of her food and could have her jelly now because she was ill. Damn that smart four year old. Did some bed time story reading about Castles and snails then Anne took us out for chilli crab and to buy a waterproof HD video camera. New toys woop woop.
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