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Having spied a cool little (5 room) guest house that was empty and clean we transferred there. Took a walk to the tourist office where the woman was trying to convince us that she was a shy person, it was hard to argue as we couldn’t get a word in edge ways. On to pay for turtle island ready for tomorrow and had a speed briefing about what was going to happen. Not really sure what happened. Jumping on a bus to Sepilok (the Orangutan center) we met an Aussie and a Brit couple that were pretty cool. Getting married in December. They traveled across Europe to Russia then down through Mongolia and China to get to Malaysia pretty cool trip. Orangutans were entertaining, was quite touristy but we had fun. Highlight was watching the Bird watchers, they asked one of the girls working their what species of bird was out there….. ‘erm I…. Don’t really know’ aka THIS IS AN ORANGUTAN CENTER YOU FRICKING WEIRDO!

Got the bus back that happened to stop out side the bar so we did the polite thing and drank. Four of us sat and drank healhy amount of beer then went to get some food (and more beer). Jeremy knew something had gone wrong when Victoria made the comment about Stella causing people to ‘fist’ each other. Hangover is in the post. Played a lot of ’shit head’ (cardgame) and drank like a fish was good fun.

  1. mal (Reply) on Monday-15, 2010

    What do you mean pretty cool? We are living in Sydney drop in!

    Full Fat coke is coming over :)


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