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So went in search of breakfast again, it was eiter “no menu” or was written in thamel neither were welcoming. Finally ate pretty late and started on our marathon mission to send post. So first post cards, bought one and sat on the step outside writting it. Then suddenly the “India alarm” (as Aude called it) sounded and Jeremy had to find a toilet STAT. One problem, everywere, for some unknowen reason, offers urinals only, or they are a jewellery shop. So a passey walk back to the guest house turned in to “GIMME THE KEY” and a full on sprint. Only paused to quickly debate whether it was better to admit defeat and run into a secluded part of a building site or to stick with it and try and make it back. Spearing the goary details Jeremy made it. Back to the post mission. Deciding that the spices were really good we got some more. So Shaz Baz Mat Mindy Si Lucy Marbles and Parbals you should get spices soon. Yay! It was deffinately lunch time now and Victoria spotted a busy local place. Food was awsome even if everyone was laughing at us eating with our hands. (we have done this before but not with rice). Found out halfway through the meal from the Indians that we were sharing our table with that we had a sauce curry to go with our rice and pickels. Doh! So headed towards the post office and it started to tip down so we took some icecream and shelter. Were reminded of the dangers of eating when a lone traveller darted accross the street to be sick, didn’t look good. At the post office they sent us away to get our packages wrapped and sealled at a tiny store. The man wrapped it in news paper and wanted 25 Rps! No way pal. After much debating and discussion it turned out that he does alot more than that. He stitched a cloth bag around it and sealed it with wax. Quite impressive but still got ripped off. Back to the post office, “sorry you are too late for post”, plus there is a holiday tomorrow so wait 2 days or go to the main post office. How much to the main post office 40Rps no way. How much? 20Rps. Ok. We went round the corner, Doh! After much discussion and about 20 mins in the post office the parcels were finally (hopefully) going to get some were. Although if they do we will be shocked. Quick skype action to book a homestay for tomorrow, some dinner and sleep.
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