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Decided to be slightly more adventurous today and hired snorkels and masks. Boy was it worth it! It was like an episode of Spongebob Squarepants down there! The crunchy coral reefs, the crazy neon coloured fish, the big scary fish with big teeth, the weird spiky things swaying menacingly under the water. And out of these Victoria was freaked out most by the cucumber-like plants at the sea bed! Swam to a jetty and fed the fish our toes, then attempted to swim round the corner of the island but had to head back when Victoria realised we were swimming through a massive group of jellyfish (they were tiny but when you find a cucumber scary then minature jellyfish is about your limit). But to be fair we were both hungry by now so headed back for some noodles and more relaxing in our hammocks. Jeremy actually managed to finish ‘the boy in the striped pajamas’ think that takes the total number of books he has read into double figures and gets to feature along side such greats as ‘Spot the dog’ and ‘Where’s Wally’. Realised that Suncream had not been applied to all areas (victoria) if at all (jeremy) so super burnt having beers now then more BBQ fish. It’s a hard knock life.

  1. [...] I haven’t done the video yet check back soon. If you haven’t already seen there is a Tioman Video up of snorkeling so have a look at that [...]

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