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I’m not sure whether it was because we stayed awake all night watching movies, (‘The Hangover’ is absolutely genius, and if you don’t think it is, go to India for 6weeks then watch it you’ll laugh yourself stupid) or because we have just come from the dirtiest place on the planet to the cleanest but we staggered around the airport not entirely sure what to do with ourselves. Victoria was overcome with joy when the toilet flushed automatically, while jeremy stopped brushing his teeth to stare dumbstruck at the cleaner sweeping an already pristine floor. I mean it’s not hard to impress us, the toilet on the flight was nicer than any we have seen for 6 weeks but coming into Singapore, where cleanliness is paramount, is just mind bogelling. INDIA I’d Never Do It Again. A taxi with seat belts an honest driver and NO beeping…civilization at last:

  1. Ian Bray (Reply) on Monday-12, 2009

    OMG, that was a mega read! hehe, good entertainment non the less so keep it up as it is one of my faviourte distractions at work!

    We, ‘KBR’ have offices in Singapore and have just recently said bye bye to 4 people who came here to the UK to get up to speed with the project i am working on! Interesting ah…!

    8 weeks and 5 days until Morzine!!! In the process of buying a nice camcorder to film all the activites we get up to should be getting that soon!

    Also booked off 3 days holiday for graduation so i can go live in bournemouth for a week and re live my student days, sigh.

    Anyway speak to you soon! bare love xx

  2. fred denne (Reply) on Friday-16, 2009

    yo, only just worked out how to comment on this thing.
    Sounds like you guys are having the time of your lives. i would like to pt out that it really really pleases me that you shat yourself/ the bed and prob a bit on victoria Jeremy and oh how i have alot of time for that.
    any how i guess you guys are heading back north soon to china, have a brilliant time, and dont forget that farting with diarreah is not clever.
    much love and dont get engaged ha

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