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So Long India

Just to make it clear I (Jeremy) didn’t shit the bed yesterday, however I did today. Teach me for thinking I can fart. Temperature down and films still going in the morning, jeremy was feeling much better. But obviously still not in good enough shape to leave the room (soiling himself was still an issue). So, still feeling productive, victoria headed off, clasping lp and coco (our newly adopted coconut monkey), and attempted to finish what she started yesterday. Most errands went swimmingly, however posting coco turned out to be slightly more eventful. Post office don’t package up parcels so had to hunt for somewhere that would, which turned out to be in a medical stall (duh?!). After a good 15mins of playing charades with the staff victoria thought she had finally got through to them. She wanted ‘parcel packaged for posting’. ‘ah’, came the reply, ‘chocolate’. AHH!! Eventually it was made clear (with the help of 45other people translating) and they wished to know what was being posted. I revealed coco from my bag to a delighted and giggly audience. Mobile camera phones were quickly produced and coco was subjected to the paparazzi. Back to business they returned with a paper envelope just big enough to fit an a4 sheet in. Victoria left the store empty handed wondering how they thought coco was going to slide into an envelope.

Not much else to report apart from bargaining our way through security at the airport and waiting 10bijilion hours for our flight (12 if we’re honest). Listened to some nob from lse uni talk about how hard it’s going to be for him back in England as he is sooo used to the heat of India. Turned out he’d been in India as long as us, idiot. Oh and while I’m moaning, what kind of a moron informs people that it’s colder in Europe than in India. Can I hit him? Pretty please?

1 more hour to go. Victoria is running round doing a Claudia (dog) on the tiled floor and having to think about turning 5 steps before she does as to be able to make the turn and stop. Not a lot else is interesting. Oh wait the biggest scam in India, THE AIRPORT!!! Forced to pay at least double if not quadrupal what we usually pay. Scum.

  1. carol (Reply) on Friday-20, 2009

    Coco the monkey arrived safe and sound here at Brewers, he’s sitting on the top shelf in the study keeping an eye on us! When I look at him I smile and think of the 10 large boxes of coco pops that won’t be shoe horned in to the car heading for France this year. Second thoughts maybe I’ll take a couple of boxes anyway, just in case!! x xxxxxx x

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