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Chucked down some nutella and bread, packed and jumped on a boat to Chennankary, an island in the backwaters. It absolutely tipped it down on the boat, played musical chairs to try and stay dry as the tarpauling was not greatly effective against the monsoon rain. On arrival we found 2 Germans sitting at the table. Not really what we had in mind with a home stay but they were nice so no worries. Got stuck in to the food and didn’t leave the table till everything was finished. Although the mother cooked for us no family ate with us, again not really what we had in mind when we booked a ‘home stay’ but the food was tasty and we didn’t really want to share! We decided that we would get our moneys worth and eat until we wanted to puke. When the rain retreated we went for a small walk further along the river bank. Suprised to find nice houses and very friendly people speaking excellent English. Got attacked by some giant fire ants. Jeremy got off lightly being bitten on his toe while Victoria, who had purposefully dressed conservatively for this rural village, squealed and stripped off on the river bank to get them out of her bra. Pretty hilarious. A canoe ride through the backwaters finished off the day before we got stuck into CHICKEN CURRY, the best meal we’ve had in India. With ‘get your moneys worth’ in mind we ate a whole chicken farm and a banana tree between us, it was epic. Played some cards wiz zee Germans and went to bed feeling, wait for it….. Stuffed!
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