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Free toast and water for breakfast in the hostel was pretty much the most exciting thing that happened today. Oh and Victoria bought Jeremy some coco pops as a special treat as he spent the whole day editing the videos and pimping our site Westwood style.

Victoria got excited about watching CSI and did a book swap. Managed to swap one violent crime book for another whilst jeremy wet his pants over Google Analytics. Luckily opposites attract right?! Sorry Jeremy has just corrected me, it’s meant to say Google Adsense. Silly me.

The Room

  1. Matthew Pack (Reply) on Tuesday-27, 2009

    good work and good travelling you two – very jealous looks like a load of fun, great photos too

    don’t forget to put the odd paragraph in your text

    nearly went cross eyed catching up on all the action

  2. Jeff (Reply) on Wednesday-28, 2009

    you realise no one is ever going to click on those adverts and i cant believe you would try to make money off us and you need like 10000000000 clicks for 1p of profit anyway. and victoria you could buy like some fake tan something. anyway jeremy mmust have laughed about guano for ages(ace ventura) and the video was awsome “under the (blub blub blub)”!!

  3. V & J (Reply) on Wednesday-28, 2009

    Lol, Love you Erks. Took me ages to put those ads up! We have had some randomers
    visit the site so it is well worth a try. Plus we get 27p for every click made!
    AND we have already made 27p I will have you know! Hehehehe. And yes I did laugh for
    ages about Guano, and did some impersonations.

  4. V & J (Reply) on Wednesday-28, 2009

    And no the I wouldn’t want my pasty ginger any other way.

  5. Jeff (Reply) on Wednesday-28, 2009

    i hug raped olivia and miky at lollipop the other day was a really good night. blub blub blub

  6. Ian Bray (Reply) on Thursday-29, 2009

    CLick click click, just added another 27p to your pot! whoop

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