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We headed to the train station to try and get a train back. Unfortunately the sleepy town of Rameswaram remains cut off from the rest of India for most of the day. Sitting down we reworked our plans once more and when the booking office eventually reopened we booked a ticket all the way to Chennai, 3AC (we decided that it was worth the extra £6 to get some sleep). So now we just had to wait the 8 hours till the train left. The American woman was in the train station and after we had eaten she came and sat with us. Man she was annoying! She too almost went on a round the world trip but couldn’t sell her car… good story. Jeremy decided that she should go and get on her train as it left in an hour so pointed her in the right direction and said bye. After a while we noticed that her train was still here when it shouldn’t have been. After giggling that she was sat on the wrong train we realized that meant she might come back and talk to us. Luckily she had managed to find her own way onto the correct train (rather surprisingly). We continued to play cards and read for a while before being bought dinner by and Indian man who had just got a promotion, sweat deal. Unfortunately we didn’t find out till we had finished eating other wise we would have ordered loads more food. Talked to some more locals before getting on the train and actually sleeping for 8 hours!

Check it out poop straight onto the tracks!

Rameswaram Train Station
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